4 barriers to remote proctoring & how to overcome them

Learn about some of the biggest concerns that organisations have when considering remote proctoring, and how they can be resolved....

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Remote proctoring for exams: how does it work?

If you’re wondering how the process works for a remotely-proctored exam, and what the software does to ensure that students are staying honest, we...

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How exam software dramatically speeds up testing

Learn how exam software can help you to deliver tests much faster than paper-based tests, with quick authoring, marking, and...

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Online exams vs offline exams – key differences

The key differences between online and offline exams, to help you understand the pros and cons of each and whether switching to online exams is a...

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How remotely proctored exam technology reduces student cheating

When it comes to the continued shift to digital assessments, apprehension remains among some educators that the technology used to run exams is much...

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The importance of purpose-built exam management and remote online proctoring solutions to deliver exams online

With the changing landscape of education in 2022, Australian educational institutions need watertight exam management and remote online proctoring...

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Using exam management and online proctoring to deliver 2022 HSC assessments in a COVID world

As Australia faces a secondary teacher shortage, high schools are seeking outside help to deliver HSC exams in a reliable and COVID-safe...

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5 Steps to Successful Remote Online Proctoring Adoption [Checklist]

Is your institution or school considering remote online proctored exams? Since the pandemic, this technology has allowed universities, professional...


Remote online proctoring: a university student’s first-hand account

As I sit at my laptop at my desk in the peace of my bedroom awaiting my exam on Janison Remote to begin, I reflect on how different my experience of...

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How online education technology is solving the travel bans crisis for stranded international students

The coronavirus crisis has seen Australia’s institutions rapidly scale up their online education delivery and digital transformation strategies to...

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How remote online proctoring can reshape how your educational institution sees assessment

Made possible by a combination of AI face-recognition software and an inbuilt web camera, remote online proctoring promises huge opportunities within...

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