5 Steps to Successful Remote Online Proctoring Adoption [Checklist]

Janison|March 19, 2021

Is your institution or school considering remote online proctored exams? Since the pandemic, this technology has allowed universities, professional accreditation bodies and schools worldwide to continue business-as-usual, delivering academically-assured assessments to the safety of candidates’ homes.

Additional benefits of remote online proctoring, including cost, accuracy and efficiency, can be exponentially large compared with traditional exam delivery.

But when academic stakes are high, getting a new process right is critical. In this free checklist, we share key learnings we’ve gathered from our customers, including how to:

  • Gain buy-in from your institution’s stakeholders
  • Instill candidate confidence about the new technology
  • Prepare thoroughly and signpost a plan of action

See how online proctored exams can empower you to grow your education offering, even in pandemic conditions.

Download your free checklist now.

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