Create engaging, responsive exams with Janison Insights. Powerful and flexible design tools streamline the authoring process and offer you an advanced range of test formats, blueprints, question types and item bank features.

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Question types

Bring your subject matter to life with a choice of 40+ question types and hundreds of variations allowing for both simple and complex assessments. Use a variety of mediums to test your candidates’ knowledge – from written and audio, to visual and drawing.

Multiple choice

Use simple correct/incorrect answer items with per distractor scoring.

Multiple Choice Multiple Choice
Multiple Choice – multiselect
True False True/False
Slider Interaction

Written and spoken

Assess your candidates with open-ended questions that allow them to create their own answers. Add variety with spoken question options.

Written and Spoken Text Entry
Extended Text


Create beautiful, interactive content to absorb and test your students.

Hotspot Interaction
Select Point Interaction

Classify, match and order

Capitalise on the possibilities of the digital medium to create interactive questions.

Associate Interaction
Text Spot Interaction
Graphic Associate Interaction
Graphic Order Interaction
Match Interaction
Order Interaction
Position Object Interaction

Fill in the blanks

Allow candidates to fill in answers that are automatically marked and graded by the system.

Gap Match Interaction
Graphic Gap Match Interaction
Written and Spoken Text Entry

Authentic assessment

Create exciting, real-life question scenarios that allow for rich testing.

File Upload

Janison Insights is constantly exploring and developing new item types that offer enhanced interactive experiences and better prepare students for the future.

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Janison Insights is constantly exploring and developing new item types that offer enhanced interactive experiences and better prepare students for the future.

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Item banking


Be free to organise item types however you choose, with unlimited item banking and tagging capabilities.

Learning Outcomes Tagging

Watch the advanced reporting magic happen as you tag items according to learning outcomes, or even to accreditation standards. You can use keywords such as classical, IRT, Bloom’s taxonomy, competency, outcomes and objectives.

Team collaboration

Save time by avoiding duplicated work among your colleagues. Share resources across your teams by making items immediately available for them to reuse.

Audit trail

The audit trail feature saves a record of every action performed by every user within the system, offering managers and teams full transparency over all authoring workflow events.

Workflow management

Ensure that items meet your quality standards by establishing a custom workflow to suit your team.

Management tools boost small and more agile teams, as well as streamline workflows for much larger teams across multiple sites.

Organise and administer large numbers of item writers and reviewers across a range of content areas, supporting the validity of your assessments.

Across the globe, Janison Insights supports tens of thousands of item banks for academics, schools, institutions and governments, enabling faster testing and truly transformative education.

Creating tests



Form test papers from your bank of items within a few mouse clicks. Choose from extra flexible controls to completely tailor the assessment experience – such as adding untimed introduction sections with practice questions or student surveys.

Configure the test to allow your candidates to use extra tools during the exam, such as a calculator, protractor or notepad. Control individual test timings and how the tests appear to your candidates.

Branching Tests

Pinpoint your candidates’ ability by creating branching tests. These offer different possible routes through the test depending on students’ answers.

By adapting in real-time to candidates’ performance, branching tests offer a deeper and far more detailed assessment of students’ knowledge in a manner that’s not possible using pen-and-paper methods.

The branching test tool lets you create these tests efficiently in line with your testing criteria. In this example, students start with Test A. The possible test paths for them to take are ABE, ABF, ACF, ACG, ACH, ADH and ADI.

Branching Test


Possible test paths

  • ABE
  • ABF
  • ACF
  • ACG
  • ACH
  • ADH
  • ADI


Blueprints give you the power to fully align assessments with education and course outcomes, allowing you to define test criteria and specify what competencies and cognitive levels to include in the exam.

The Janison Insights blueprint auto-fill tool makes this process smooth and easy. It uses a powerful matching engine to automatically select and fill in tagged questions from your item bank that match your blueprint.

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