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Australian Science Innovations continues to discover and nurture young creative scientific minds amid the COVID-19 crisis

Australian Science Innovations fosters the next generation of scientists, technologists, engineers and mathematicians by offering the annual Big Science Competition to tens of thousands of high school students. In 2020, amid COVID-19 school closures, it’s forging ahead by delivering the competition remotely online, offering a beacon of normality and opportunity for young people during uncertain times.

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Transport for NSW transforms driver licence knowledge tests across the state

Technology is transforming the way Transport for NSW offers its driver licence knowledge tests to the public, via remotely managed Chromebooks. The platform brings test questions to life, speeds up and expands the delivery process, and helps the department achieve its road safety targets.

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DonateLife’s LMS helps staff boost organ donation nationwide

The Organ and Tissue Authority delivers specialised training to health professionals who support grieving families in hospital to make the live-saving choice of organ donation. The Janison Academy platform allows the organisation to make learning modules on these highly sensitive skills available to teams working across the country, making a critical impact on donation rates.

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An online literacy and numeracy exam that paves the way to success for NSW Year 7 students

The Best Start Year 7 exam is becoming a case study for education departments across Australia. Using tools that are unique to online assessment, it quickly identifies students at risk of falling behind and pinpoints what teaching support they need at a crucial juncture in their schooling.

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Suncorp uses innovative tools to create a self-sustaining, continuous learning culture

Suncorp ignites a passion for learning among its 13,000 staff using Janison Academy’s suite of tools – creating a genuine appetite for knowledge acquisition and a social learning platform so popular, staff can’t wait to log in and participate.

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British Council takes its English language testing beyond borders

Thanks to the power of unshakable remote online technology, candidates in the most remote parts of the world can access an exam that opens life-changing opportunities.

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Primary Ethics builds a bedrock of critical-thinking skills in primary schoolchildren across NSW

Primary Ethics is a NSW not-for-profit organisation that trains volunteers to deliver ethics classes to children in primary schools across the state, working in conjunction with the NSW Department of Education.

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The NSW Department of Education re-engages Year 6, 8 and 10 science students with its VALID online test

The NSW Department of Education broke new ground in 2010 when it shifted its annual Year 6, 8 and 10 science test from paper to online. At the time, delivering a large-scale online school assessment was unprecedented. Janison Insights successfully did so – and transformed the test into an engaging experience that students actually look forward to.

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NAPLAN Online allows educators to tailor essential teaching for Australian students

By shifting its national pen-and-paper exam to a powerful digital platform, NAPLAN Online can drive real learning outcomes in schools, and sets a bold new standard for education departments worldwide.

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