NAPLAN Online allows educators to tailor essential teaching for Australian students

ACARA is Australia’s independent statutory authority that works to improve the learning of all young Australians through world-class school curriculum, assessment and reporting.

The annual National Assessment Program – Literacy and Numeracy (NAPLAN Online) examinations run by ACARA are the measure through which governments, education authorities and schools can determine whether or not pupils are meeting important educational outcomes.

In 2015, Janison was selected to build the national NAPLAN Online assessment platform. In a world-first in May 2018, the platform successfully delivered the online version of the annual NAPLAN Online assessment to 1,400 schools with a total of 200,000 students over a nine-day assessment window nationwide – a major assessment event that received worldwide recognition for Janison.

Developed using Microsoft Azure, Janison designed the platform with performance, security and resilience top of mind. The platform was stress-tested to handle up to 400,000 concurrent users.

In May 2019, Janison successfully delivered the NAPLAN Online software platform with over 2.6 million tests completed and submitted over a three-week period. Approximately 680,000 students, from Years 3, 5, 7 and 9, across Australia accessed NAPLAN Online. Despite some schools experiencing disruptions due to local connectivity issues, our platform performed well and did not require any adjustments during the testing period.

By 2020 the platform is expected to deliver NAPLAN Online to 1.2 million students in Australia in more than 12,000 schools, over the May testing window. The transaction rates and data stored by the platform during these peak times is similar in nature to the loads that are processed by applications such as Facebook.

… we have created a world-first in the delivery of a comprehensive online assessment program.

NAPLAN Online has been designed to provide improved assessment, more precise results and faster turnaround of information. With results delivered at speeds that are incomparable to pen-and-paper methods, teachers will be able to address learning gaps much sooner.

What’s more, NAPLAN Online has been designed to allow adaptive testing. This provides students with questions that better test their individual ability to ensure more precise assessment, meaning teachers are provided with much more detailed insights about the individual students. Crucially also, the authoring possibilities that exist within a digital medium allow for a far richer, more engaging test experience for students compared with static pen-and-paper tests.

Speaking during the NAPLAN Online roll-out in 2019, Janison Head of Operations Sandy MacDonald said: “Our NAPLAN Online platform performed well in 2019 in the face of several challenges. Our tech team at Janison successfully met these challenges in terms of data concurrency and reliability and ensuring that data all comes back through. We have created a world-first in the delivery of a comprehensive online assessment program.

“We’ve shown that a platform of our scale can work in the assessment space and we’ve now started to gain confidence among the international community, including government, financial and corporate institutions. We have a world-wide focus with this platform, including many universities and large organisations in the UK, Canada and China.”


  • the national Australian curriculum from Kindergarten to Year 12, in specified learning areas
  • the National Assessment Program – aligned to the national curriculum – that measures students’ progress
  • national data collection and reporting program that supports analysis, evaluation, research and resource allocation; and
  • accountability and reporting on schools and broader national achievement
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Statistics and key milestones


students completed NAPLAN Online over three weeks in May 2019


individual tests were completed and submitted


students across Australia to use the NAPLAN online platform by 2020

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