Online assessment platform for schools K-12.

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Transform your school exams at state and national scale

Janison’s online assessment software streamlines educators’ workflow processes, delights students and equips you with real-time analytics that help inform targeted teaching.

Why Janison Insights for schools?

Deep insights to inform your teaching and assess students’ learning

Use adaptive or branching tests to get a more accurate measure of students’ ability and allow your teachers to tailor their pedagogy in real-time.

Scalable, reliable delivery to national populations

Support more than one million candidates concurrently – online, offline, in unreliable internet conditions and across multiple devices.

Engaging, modern test experiences for students

Capitalise on multi-media authoring tools to create interactive questions using video and animation that match the real-world, device-driven life experiences of today’s students.

Faster marking turnaround speeds

Deliver results within days rather than weeks. Auto-marking gives instant results with 100% accuracy, relieving the burden on marking staff. Ease the manual marking process with quality checks and pre-marked scripts.

Secure testing environment

Have full control over what functionality students have during an exam, with a locked-down browser that restricts access to websites, applications and screen recording tools. Use randomisation to prevent students from copying from their neighbours.

Fully accessible, equitable functionality

Provide a fair assessment for all students with disabilities, with support for screen readers, magnification, varying colour schemes – all without additional resources required from your school.


NSW Department of EducationBest Start Year 7

The Best Start Year 7 exam is becoming a case study for education departments across Australia. Using tools that are unique to online assessment, it quickly identifies students at risk of falling behind and pinpoints what teaching support they need at a crucial juncture in their schooling.

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Features that bring your school’s exams into the digital age

Securely manage all aspects of your test delivery

Use the Janison Replay locked-down browser to deliver tests to students, and invigilation tools to manage their progress and control their test-taking activity throughout the exam – including the ability to pause, submit and add time to individual candidates.

Create varied and authentic assessment questions

Take advantage of 20 different question types and support for items that use images, video, audio and HTML, to deliver engaging tests for the modern digital-age student. Unleash the possibilities of digital authoring tools to set exam questions that students actually look forward to.


  • Sophisticated data collection on item and test performance
  • Automatic marking on most major item types
  • Streamlined test creation from an extensive item bank
  • Test delivery in low or no bandwidth environment with Janison Replay
  • Deep reporting on student scores and outcomes
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