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Janison Exam Management (JEM) is the exam services arm of the ASX-listed education technology company Janison, created when Janison bought LTC in 2019.

LTC was an Australian exam and testing management company established in May 1988 which served educational institutions, professional bodies and individual candidates from all over the world. It was purchased by the Janison Education Group in 2019 and has since been renamed Janison Exam Management.

Invigilators are exam supervisors who oversee traditional in-person paper-based exams and assessments.

A proctor is an exam supervisor who oversees an exam which is being delivered to a candidate remotely online. Proctors typically use a webcam and other computer-based tools in order to do this.

Hybrid service means a combination of our services are used to deliver an exam, for example a mix of online remote proctoring, bring-your-own-device (BYOD) and pen-and-paper exam invigilation. Hybrid service also refers to our scanning services, in which we scan in multiple choice-based exam papers for clients’ optical mark recognition (OMR) systems, as well as our data processing.

This can vary greatly depending on the size and complexity of your exam. As a general rule of thumb, we ideally recommend giving us a minimum of two weeks’ lead time. However, our experienced team is highly flexible and we’ve been able to arrange some exams on short notice in as little as 24 hours. To discuss your needs, contact our team.

To arrange an exam event, we need to know your exam dates, what kind of delivery and supervision services you require, candidate numbers, candidate details, location and any equity accommodations.

Our office reception is open from 8:00am to 5:00pm, Monday to Friday.

We operate in more than 300 venues globally. Our world-wide network of exam managers and invigilators can set up an exam event in Australia, New Zealand, Asia, Europe and the UK (we have even set up and run exam events in Sudan, Africa!). To find out if we cover your location, contact our team.

We keep in mind numerous considerations when selecting our venues, including easily accessible location, sound and acoustics, quality lighting, floor space and appropriate furniture. We take candidates’ safety very seriously and follow our own COVID plan.

This varies depending on the size, complexity and format of the exam. We pride ourselves on a track record of fast turnaround times. Our digital exams run on our Janison Insights online assessment platform and smaller events we can deliver results within 24 hours.

We can offer online exams in a range of language options. To find out more, contact our team.

Yes, we run exams across several time zones, any day of the week.

Yes, our team is trained and available on exam day to troubleshoot our online assessment platform Janison Insights and offer proctoring support. In many cases, our team can also support the running of exams using your own platforms. To find out more, contact our team.

The JEM Exam Centre is fully covered by CCTV, in addition to our standard cheating prevention measures. These include desk spacing, active monitoring by our invigilators, and head-to-toe enhanced security checks on all candidates to check for covert devices before they enter the exam room.

Each project is unique and our fee is determined by factors including the scale of the event, number of management hours involved, candidate charges and venue hire. To discuss pricing or an estimate for your event, contact our team.

Contact our team here or call us on +61 2 9692 9585.

About the JEM exam centre

We’re located at Level 3, Wentworth Park Grandstand in Ultimo, Sydney (Australia). The entrance to the complex is via Wattle Street.

There’s parking available within our complex, at the Wentworth Park Grandstand Car Park, or at the nearby Broadway Shopping Centre. Full day rates apply, so we recommend checking prior to your exam. Being centrally located in Sydney’s CBD, the centre is well-served by public transport. Use the Transport for NSW tool to plan your trip.

There are limited cafes in the surrounding streets or food is also available at the Broadway Shopping Centre (approximately 10 minutes walking distance from the centre).

For students and candidates

We recommend that you arrive at your exam venue at least half an hour before your exam start time.

We require candidates to bring a hard copy government-issued photo identification with them on exam day. For most exams, a valid driver’s licence or government-issued ID card is sufficient, however for some high-stakes events you may need to bring your passport. Please first check with your educational institution. You also must have photo ID to sit a remote proctored exam.

We understand that exam day can be stressful. Our invigilators are sensitive to the pressure candidates are under and are highly experienced in keeping a calm atmosphere and doing everything possible to ensure your exam runs as smoothly as possible, from the moment you arrive at your venue. If you’re experiencing serious concerns, speak to a member our team.

Contact your educational institution for your exam room details. If your exam is being run at the JEM Exam Centre, this is located at Level 3, Wentworth Park Grandstand in Ultimo, Sydney (Australia). The entrance to the complex is via Wattle Street and the JEM Exam Centre is clearly signposted.

Rules around late arrival are set by your educational institution. In some cases, you won’t be allowed to sit the exam if it has already commenced. For peace of mind, contact your educational institution.

This depends on your exam. Your educational institution will provide you with these details ahead of exam day.

Generally, eating isn’t permitted during an exam. In most cases you can bring a transparent, unlabelled bottle of water into the exam room. We recommend checking with your educational institution.

This depends on the rules set by your educational institution. We advise checking ahead of time, and recommend arriving early enough for your exam so that you can use the toilet before the start time. In some cases of online proctored exams, candidates may not leave the room for the entire exam session.

This depends on the type of exam your educational institution has decided to run. We recommend you communicate with your educational institution.

Please notify your educational institution as soon as possible.

If you witness suspicious behaviour before, during or after the exam, discretely notify your invigilator immediately.

Please contact your educational institution about any special arrangements you require well before your exam day.

Your family or friends can drop you off at the exam venue but cannot enter the exam centre.

As each educational institution has its own rules, we cannot guarantee that we will be permitted to lend you equipment. For peace of mind, check with your institution.

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