Janison Insights gives invigilators complete control over a test session. We’ve thought of everything you need to ensure a smooth and fair experience for your candidates.

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Managing delivery

Manage your assessment delivery smoothly and easily with our all-in-one suite of tools.

Enrol candidates either by class or individually into an assessment event, then create test sessions. From these, you can run and invigilate the exam. Students use Janison Replay, our test player, to sit their test.

The delivery dashboard gives examiners a live view of all events, test sessions and candidates. Each candidate’s test attempt has a full audit trail which invigilators can preview at any time.

Running test sessions

Take complete control of your test session to deliver a secure and reliable exam.

Our test session administration screen allows you to clearly see and control candidates in the session and see their progress – all in real-time, without having to leave your desk.

You can run one test, or several types of tests, all in the same physical exam room.


  • Starting the test for all candidates
  • Pausing the test for all candidates
  • Allowing and rejecting entry to candidates
  • Awarding more time to the session or individual candidates
  • Pausing and resuming individual candidates
  • Abandoning or terminating candidates and providing a reason as to why
  • The ability to force-submit a candidate’s test

Take complete control of your test session to deliver a secure and reliable assessment.

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Delivering tests

Janison Replay is Janison Insight’s award-winning test delivery application, taking digital exams beyond online.


Using progressive web technologies, Janison Replay remains interactive through dropouts and disconnections, delivering a consistent and equitable test-taking experience – whatever the location, whatever the internet connectivity quality.

Janison Replay even makes it possible to deliver a test with no internet connection at all. The experience is exactly the same as if it were online.

See a clear progress summary of candidates in real time on the Janison Replay dashboard.

Replay Compatibility
  • Janison Replay runs as a Windows, Mac, iOS or Android application in a locked-down environment or can run within the Google Chrome browser.
  • The application offers the option to either run locked-down exams, or open-book exams within the browser.
  • Choose which tools you make available to your candidates, such as a notebook, notepad or calculator.

Test tools for candidates

Janison Insights delivery tools let candidates easily see their progress and navigate within the test.


Students can add a flag to any question they wish to revisit. They can then quickly navigate back to the flagged item in one mouse click.

Progress summary

This tool gives candidates an instant view of completed exam sections as well as the questions they are yet to complete.

Science and maths equation editor

This presents candidates with a keypad of detailed mathematical symbols and marks, allowing them to answer formula-based questions.


This gives students a real-time countdown of time remaining in the test.

Pick and choose what extra aids and tools you make available to students during the test, including reference materials.


Allow students to jot down notes while they consider their responses to questions.

Ruler and protractor

Offer candidates these transparent geometry tools to assist them with answering visual questions.


Switch on the calculator to allow students to carry out sums within the exam.

Reference Materials

Offer excerpts, information and extracts to enrich your questions and test your candidates’ abilities.

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