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Whether you’re a higher education institution, professional accreditation body or school, we can deliver a superior exam event in a range of formats and settings, adhering to COVID-safe practices. We specialise in large scale, highly secure, high-stakes exam events, taking care of the logistics, delivery and reporting.

Paper-based exams

For more than 30 years Janison Exam Management has managed pen-and-paper exams of all scales – from one candidate to 5,000+ in one venue.

Our logistics team oversees the secure management of all exam materials – dispatching an average of 2 cubic tonnes of exam papers and materials monthly.

No matter the scale or nature of your exam, rest assured that your next event is in safe hands.

Our paper-based services include:

  • Collation of preliminary data, including dates, times and candidate numbers
  • Sourcing and confirmation of venue, staff, logistics and invigilation services
  • Special consideration services based on your individual candidate needs
  • Stock-take of testing materials prior to exam day
  • Handling of all exam materials including collating, reconciling and dispatch post-exam

Digital exams

Experience the efficiency, flexibility and dynamism of online exams. Our digital delivery service allows your candidates to sit their exam either on their own device (BYOD) or via devices provided by our team or our venue partners in all our computer-based testing (CBT) facilities.

Our digital exam services team will:

  • Appoint a dedicated customer account manager to you
  • Securely manage your candidate data
  • Source and arrange a venue, take care of rostering invigilation staff, and any other logistics and ancillary services you require
  • Provide devices and peripherals that meet your technological requirements
  • Develop customised procedures and reports
  • Deliver customised staff training based on your unique processes
  • Return exam scripts to you in your requested format, such as direct candidate upload or via email
  • Provide post-exam stock-take to ensure all your information is in order before it’s returned to you
  • Conduct post-exam reporting

Remotely proctored exams

Our remote online proctoring services allow your candidates to sit an exam anywhere in the world where they have an internet connection, without any compromise to the academic integrity of your exam. We offer both AI-proctored and live, human-proctored exams.

Our remote proctoring services include:

  • Secure handling of all your candidate and exam details
  • Managing the registration of the candidates on the proctoring and assessment platform Arranging staff for live human-proctoring
  • Overseeing and facilitating your candidates’ onboarding process to the platform, offering support and troubleshooting technical issues pre and during the exam day.
  • Overseeing the remote proctoring exam session
  • Providing expert event management support, which can also include Level 1 candidate support
  • Post-event reporting

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In-school/on-campus invigilator services

Experienced, dependable and well-seasoned, our 600+ strong team of exam invigilators are available to support your next on-premise event.

Our in-school services include:

  • Providing onsite support and training
  • Managing rostering, allocations and certifications
  • Face-to-face invigilation of traditional or digital exams on-site
  • Collaborating with your team on processes and procedures

Data processing

Our data processing services make the marking of optical mark recognition (OMR) testing papers more efficient for universities and educational institutions.

We have two high-speed Scantron scanners onsite. Our logistics personnel are fully trained and experienced in using Scantron and its associated software.

Our services include:

  • Receiving all your OMR papers post exam
  • Preparing the papers for scanning
  • Scanning via our on-site Scantron facility
  • Collating and reconciling all data received through the Scantron
  • Manually entering in machine unreadable data
  • Finalising data to be emailed or uploaded back to your institution
  • Disposing of OMR exam papers or securely storing and returning these to you as required


A successful socially distanced exam season for CFA Institute

In late 2020, Janison Exam Management managed the final paper-based CFA Institute exams for Sydney, Brisbane and Perth candidates.

Over two days, we delivered the high-stakes exams to a total of 2,500 registered candidates across three sites in the three states. The exams ran under strict COVID safe and social distancing protocols, with a total of 150+ casual invigilation staff trained and engaged for exam day.

CFA Institute praised the smooth-running of the multi-site event, allowing candidates to remain focused even amid extraordinary circumstances.

CFA Institute candidates sit their exams in one of five halls at the International Convention Centre in Sydney. Each hall was restricted to a maximum of 300 candidates to allow for social distancing.

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