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Create a culture of learning within your organisation with engaging and personalised content that strikes a chord with your employees

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Learning experiences created by your team and the world’s brightest minds

Our blended approach to content curation and creation keeps your team ahead of the curve. Build learning pathways with market leading off-the shelf content in targeted subject areas or blended with your organisation’s own bespoke content.

Bespoke Training Content

We create customised learning experiences that drive real results for your organisation and its employees. Janison’s in-house team of instructional designers, visual designers and developers specialise in creating bespoke learning materials for compliance, induction, leadership and professional development. All our solutions can be custom designed to meet your specific requirements, such as multiple-languages, accessibility and responsiveness.

Accessible Learning Content

Our clients regularly praise our extensive expertise in accessibility. Our HTML and JavaScript template is WCAG 2.0 AA compliant and our team have been fully trained and remain up to date on the latest national Accessibility standards by Vision Australia. As part of our standard quality assurance process before delivering your project, we always test for accessibility on your specified browser/JAWS combination.

Soft Skills Training

Communication, leadership, emotional intelligence, creative thinking and time management are among the most in demand soft skills for today’s employers. While they’re tougher to measure and quantify, mastering these skills is fast becoming an essential requirement for knowledge workers within the modern workplace. Our content partners Go1 specialise in developing and nurturing soft skills via customised and comprehensive learning programs, created by some of the business world’s brightest minds.

Compliance Training

Deliver business critical training that reaches all your learners across multiple teams and locations, with our off-the-shelf compliance training modules. The content is comprised of catalogues, each with their own suite of 10 to 15-minute courses with self-contained narratives – which means that you can select from individual courses or even build your own catalogue. We develop content in partnership with legal professionals, covering core topics such as data privacy and protection, bullying, harassment, discrimination, cyber security, workplace health and safety, risk management and more.

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Risk Management Training

Equip your team with training that takes a rounded approach to keeping your business safe and builds a positive risk culture at all levels within your organisation. Our risk management content is created by thought-leaders, internationally recognised consultants and business academics, including Deloitte, McKinsey and more. Modules cover risk analysis, risk appreciation and corporate behaviour, quantitative and qualitative provisions for risk, and contingency plans and processes for avoiding crisis at all levels of your organisation.

Technical Skills Training

Our step-by-step learning experiences drive engagement and are designed for your team to acquire technical skills and retain concepts. The modules tap into your learners’ different cognitive processes to drive outcomes and deliver memorable learning. The specialised courses feature a variety of education tools to help new knowledge stick – such as open questions, polls, on-the-job assignments, assessments and gamification.


Top 20 Soft Skills for Enhanced Performance

Creative thinking, self-efficacy, agile management and emotional intelligence are key skills, but are they enough? Download this free eBook courtesy of CrossKnowledge to discover the top 20 soft skills that your managers need to make your teams more productive.

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Soft Skills

Knowledge in a format that sticks

We capitalise on a number of proven techniques to make online learning as engaging as possible – including effective storytelling and interactivity. We also individualise your learning experiences using animations, videos, simulations and gamification.

Digital modules

Digital learning modules target measurable skill acquisition in all fields of management, leadership and personal effectiveness. These courses have won awards around the world for their innovative format and scope.


Using a storytelling-based learning design to engage your team, videos are carefully crafted to inspire and empower the learner to take real action through the insights of thought leaders and experts.


Throughout face-to-face training, our experienced facilitators implement strategies which keep your team genuinely involved with the learning experience, increasing knowledge retention and encouraging better results.

Quick reference guides

Quick reference guides are designed to help your team instantly apply concepts into practice on the job. They facilitate continuous learning by transforming knowledge into real-life skills, changed behaviours and new attitudes.

Book summaries

Our book summaries distil knowledge from the world’s latest, sharpest and most relevant business and management books, allowing learners to reap the benefits of cutting-edge concepts and thought leadership.

Animated videos

These bite-size pieces of animated content condense and present all the blogs, white papers and articles that you don’t have time to read into an easy-to-digest format.


Our webinars connect learners with leading experts in their field from around the world. These lively sessions encourage interactivity and discussions, and give learners the opportunity to send and receive information in real-time.

Leadership summaries

A fully-fledged learning tool, leadership summaries are clear, concisely written files designed to help learners grasp the essence of a technique or a management concept in just a few minutes.

Technical manuals

We carefully design our technical manuals to provide a logical sequence of step-by-step instructions to readers. These manuals provide a clear and concise explanation on how to operate equipment or machinery, or implement a process or system.

Introducing Go1The world’s largest marketplace of training

Our partnership with Go1 allows us to provide you with access to 70,000+ training resources sourced from 100+ of the best content providers in the world – in our platform or yours.

  • Choose from thousands of courses across a huge range of topics, including technical skills, human behaviour skills, leadership and management, compliance and more
  • Upskill and boost employee performance with content that’s designed for all levels of difficulty and is suitable for any employee, in any department, in any region
  • Ensure that your organisation is protected with verified compliance content that’s always updated
  • Keep your teams socially connected, supported and motivated with tailored COVID-19 learning pathways
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