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Wherever secure, efficient and equitable testing is needed, our Janison Insights online assessment platform delivers. Its features are designed to be adapted to a variety of unique digital assessment needs and scenarios, from university exams to driver licence and language testing.

Certification/Professional Associations

Surpass your customers’ expectations with engaging and efficient certifications testing that matches the day-to-day digital experience they receive on their smartphone or online. Create authentic assessment questions with authoring tools such as file upload. Offer candidates instant, quality-assured results with Janison Insights’s instant marking capability.

Whether you’re delivering certifications within project management, HR, teaching, IT, finance and accountancy, Scrum or driver licencing, our online assessment platform’s features can be tailored for your candidates’ and examiners’ unique needs, creating an end-to-end solution that streamlines your testing.

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Transition to online assessment and testing, and create efficiencies that offer an outstanding experience to members of the public who interact with your federal or state government department.

Janison Insights delivers tests for sectors including education, transport and roads, as well as public sector professional development. Flexible online delivery allows your candidates to sit their test in a service centre or on a device in the comfort of their own home. Digital authoring lets you create engaging tests for your customers and staff. Administer tests and receive results faster, cutting wait times and elevating your KPIs.

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Higher Education

Drive excellence and efficiencies at your institution with the power of a platform that handles the end-to-end exam process.

Janison Insights is designed with academic integrity top of mind, offering a reliable and equitable test experience to every candidate. Tools such as real-time quality checks on teams of marking staff ensure that each student receives a fair and standardised result, while a digital audit trail records all human touchpoints, offering full transparency. Authoring and item-banking features consolidate the process of creating exams and make it easier for your university to manage and protect its assessment intellectual property.

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Language Testing

Take your language proficiency testing beyond the limits of geography with Janison Insights, coupled with the power of our award-winning Janison Replay test player application.

In today’s global market, language proficiency testing calls for flexible delivery in remote corners of the world, and often opens life-changing opportunities for candidates. With our technology, you can deliver a seamless and equitable test experience to your test-takers, no matter their location or internet connectivity. Conduct speaking tests remotely, without the need for an examiner in the room and give your candidates and clients results faster, boosting your brand and bottom line.

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Schools K-12

Take charge of your education goals and overcome large-scale exam delivery challenges with a platform that’s designed for some of the most politically and emotionally sensitive of assessment scenarios: school exams.

Janison Insights has a decade-long track record of successfully transforming school exams – from dreaded dull experiences for students and cumbersome administrative processes for educators – into streamlined, smooth and engaging events. Our online platform offers stable, secure, reliable delivery and swift results turnaround for teachers. Deep data and adaptive testing allows teachers to pinpoint where students need the most help, driving real education outcomes for our young people, at state, national and international level.

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