How to prevent cheating during online exams

One concern for educators when it comes to running online exams is that the technology makes it easier for students to cheat. They’re often...

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Why students prefer online assessments

As educators needed to find new ways for students to take tests during COVID-19, the shift to digital via online assessment is becoming less of a...

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Using exam management and online proctoring to deliver 2022 HSC assessments in a COVID world

As Australia faces a secondary teacher shortage, high schools are seeking outside help to deliver HSC exams in a reliable and COVID-safe...

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Translating global assessment in local languages: making it valid, reliable and fair

For an online test to be valid, reliable and fair it requires high quality test items that are fully translated and localised to meet the needs of...

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The rich tapestry of assessment: How holistic testing ties together many threads to tell each student’s story

Just as the beauty of a tapestry is the result of tying together loose threads, so too, the online assessment of a learner relies upon a series of...

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PISA for Schools vs PISA: understanding the differences

It's easy to assume the term ‘PISA for Schools’ refers to the three-yearly PISA test which runs in more than 80 OECD countries and whose results...

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10 things to love about PISA for Schools

The bedrock of an individualised approach to teaching is a self-aware school ecosystem – one in which schools have a clear, proportional and global...

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Educator to educator – the most meaningful difference we can make to change teaching and learning outcomes [Q&A]

The OECD has partnered with Janison to roll out PISA for Schools across the globe – why, why us and why now? These questions are answered by...


Remote online proctoring: a university student’s first-hand account

As I sit at my laptop at my desk in the peace of my bedroom awaiting my exam on Janison Remote to begin, I reflect on how different my experience of...

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How to take the pain out of exam day for your students

There are unpleasant experiences in life in which we have little choice but to participate – not least attending a exam which may have implications...

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How to enable greater accessibility for your students with online assessment technology

After years of accessibility being a key consideration for online learning, online assessment technology is fast catching...

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