Matt Wolf

Head of Product

Matt dubs himself a recovering mathematician who, for more than a decade, has focused on product development in educational technology. During this time he has established himself as a visionary and highly creative product creator in his field.

Matt has led product teams through starting up and up-scaling, as well as platform changes from service-based to SaaS. He is passionate about implementing processes that transform product teams and enable users to have fun at the same time.

He served as Head of Product at Mathletics, and then the online teaching platform Matific, where he created educational resources used by millions of K-12 students, and hundreds of thousands of teachers around the world daily. At the digital experience leaders Squiz, he created a Student Experience Platform (SXP) that helped universities engage more closely with their students.

Matt brings a unique and one-to-one understanding of student, teacher and school needs within educational software. This fuels his relentless enthusiasm to create products that, in his own words, are “insanely great” for education.

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