Translating global assessment in local languages: making it valid, reliable and fair

For an online test to be valid, reliable and fair it requires high quality test items that are fully translated and localised to meet the needs of...

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What is “high stakes” vs “low stakes” testing?

In this brief guide, we clarify the meaning of ‘high-stakes assessment’ and its invaluable cousin, ‘low-stakes assessment’. What makes a...

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The rich tapestry of assessment: How holistic testing ties together many threads to tell each student’s story

Just as the beauty of a tapestry is the result of tying together loose threads, so too, the online assessment of a learner relies upon a series of...

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The new “Three Rs of Education”: Responsiveness, Resilience and Relationships

After more challenging months of uncertainty and lockdowns for our teacher colleagues as well as parents, schools are open once more, and it seems...

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PISA for Schools vs PISA: understanding the differences

It's easy to assume the term ‘PISA for Schools’ refers to the three-yearly PISA test which runs in more than 80 OECD countries and whose results...

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How to take advantage of the ESSER fund-eligible OECD Test for Schools

The US Federal Government support package released to districts and schools is intended to be uniformly applied in addressing students’ academic,...

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How the OECD Test for Schools meets the criteria for ESSER funding

The true impact of COVID-19 and US school closures on K-12 learning remains to be seen, making it challenging for any one school to gauge its...

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10 things to love about PISA for Schools

The bedrock of an individualised approach to teaching is a self-aware school ecosystem – one in which schools have a clear, proportional and global...

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Educator to educator – the most meaningful difference we can make to change teaching and learning outcomes [Q&A]

The OECD has partnered with Janison to roll out PISA for Schools across the globe – why, why us and why now? These questions are answered by...

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