Maintaining Employee Wellbeing When Working Remotely [Whitepaper]

Go1|May 15, 2020

The modern workforce has become increasingly complex. Faced with heavy workloads, short turnaround times and high deliverables, workers feel they’re expected to do more with less. They’re also presented with an endless stream of incoming information, more than any other generation before.

Add to this the stress and economic uncertainty of the COVID-19 pandemic and having to adapt to working from home, and it’s a recipe for your people feeling as though they’re running on empty.

This whitepaper, courtesy of our content partner Go1, explores the crucial art of keeping your employees inspired and mentally and physically well amid these challenging factors, and when they’re physically separated from you.

Based on research from respected institutions including Harvard, it pinpoints four core needs that must be met for us to succeed at work, and practical steps managers can take to nurture them:

  • Physical – the need to rest and renew
  • Emotional – the need to feel cared for and valued
  • Mental – the need to be empowered to set boundaries and focus
  • Spiritual – the need for a sense of meaning and purpose at work

If like millions of other managers you’ve found yourself having to lead your people remotely – especially personality types who may be ill-suited to this style of work – you cannot afford to miss these proven, practical strategies.

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