Transitioning to Remote Work [Whitepaper]

Go1|May 15, 2020

Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, many companies have been forced to ask their entire workforce to work from home.

But while for some teams adapting to remote work will be smooth, managers shouldn’t underestimate the potential challenges this transition poses many of their people. It’s not as simple as setting up a laptop in a corner table – being a successful remote worker takes a lot of discipline and structure.

As well as getting your team used to this new mode of working, there’s also the need for you to optimise performance and keep up their morale as they do so.

Many people derive motivation to work hard from being in the same space as their colleagues and managers. The physical presence of others who are working away at their desks is incentive enough to keep up with the pace and not fall behind. When working from home, this particular motivation disappears.

That’s where a focus on nurturing motivation can be pivotal, including:

  • Building team culture
  • Keeping sight of collective goals
  • Scheduling regular facetime
  • Recognising achievements

Find out more about these and other practical and realistic steps that you as a manager, as well as your team, can take to make a smooth transition to effective remote working.

Download this free whitepaper courtesy of our content partner Go1.

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