Top 5 Online Assessment Myths Debunked [eBook]

Janison|October 18, 2019

While there’s a groundswell of educational institutions switching from pen-and-paper assessments to digital, making the decision to do so can be fraught with concerns – and many misconceptions.

Your institution or department may already be considering an online platform to deliver formative and summative assessment, or may already be delivering a portion of its tests online.

Either way, it’s undeniable that assessment is a key part of education. And that while so many of our day-to-day tasks have been made incomparably easier and more efficient thanks to digital technology, assessments are still lagging behind. At many institutions they remain mainly analogue, manual processes.

Even so, there may be some of questions still niggling at you in making the decision to switch to digital assessments.

  • How secure are they?
  • Are they as reliable as pen-and-paper – what if the internet fails midway through an exam?
  • Will it be easier for students to cheat?
  • Won’t going digital be resource-hungry, in terms of both money and staff time?

This eBook addresses these questions and dispels the commonly-held myths about shifting to online assessment systems. Download it today.

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