From LMS to LXP and beyond: the rapidly shifting face of online learning

Tom Richardson|November 1, 2018

The skills requirements of the workplace are in a state of constant change and so are – inevitably – the tools we need to build these skills.

Only a few years ago the main tool used by organisations to administer and manage learning was the Learning Management System (LMS). Organisations invested millions to install such systems, then loaded them up with content catalogues and tried to drive usage among employees in order to justify the ROI. The hallmark of this “push” paradigm to “build it and they will come”.

But technology evolved and learners became vastly more demanding and time-poor. Despite their organisations continuing to “build it”, they weren’t “going” anywhere. Learning had to come to them. The tools needed to evolve to meet the need to avoid interrupting their flow of work. This ushered in bite-sized modules, mobile learning accessible at a couple of swipes, and personalised content feeds.

The digital learning landscape has certainly evolved too, with many new offerings including learning experience platforms (LXP), adaptive microlearning and workflow learning tools. Global industry expert Josh Bersin kindly assembles the landscape below to show eight categories and the number of choices facing organisations today.

LXP graphic comparison


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It is little wonder that HR and L&D departments are overwhelmed and struggling to negotiate this landscape – while hundreds of learning offerings languish amid low Net Promoter Score ratings.

We believe that it’s time for organisations to step back and architect a simple, consolidated learning solution around the three forces of pushpull and peer. The solution will be driven by business outcomes, will require a combination of platform, content and services. It will fit seamlessly within your organisation’s technology and processes.

More than ever, L&D departments need learning providers to partner with them to help navigate this shifting landscape and architect a solution tailored to their unique business challenges and future horizons.

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