Why our team loves working at Janison

Janison|August 10, 2023

We’re extremely proud of our recent Best Place to Work award from Wrk+, and thought we’d ask some of our team members why they believe Janison is such a great place to be.

Here are their best, grouped by theme.

What we do at Janison

“Janison is a warm and supportive workplace where each employee shares a common vision and that is to make a meaningful impact on education and learning.”

simon ellis-jones Simon

“At Janison I take immense pride in contributing to making a positive social impact. Being part of a team that develops cutting-edge educational technology and learning solutions allows me to witness firsthand how our efforts positively shape the learning experiences of students and educators alike. It’s incredibly rewarding to know that our work directly empowers learners to achieve their full potential.”

Peter Peter

Fully-flex & work-life balance

“I thoroughly enjoy my time working at Janison, as the company embodies a remarkable level of support, encouragement, and flexibility. Janison’s comprehensive flexible policy empowers me to work in a manner that aligns perfectly with my individual circumstances. This nurturing environment places great emphasis on maintaining a healthy work/life balance, and as an employee, I am genuinely appreciative of this opportunity.”

Danni Danni

“The company’s emphasis on work-life balance and employee well-being is very genuine and it results in myself feeling valued and motivated.”

simon ellis-jones Simon

“I like working for Janison because we have flexible working hours, and working from home is encouraged. “

Yama Yama

“The fully-flex policy has changed the approach to work-life balance and has allowed me, a mum of small children, to be present for my family and achieve successes in my working career while feeling supported by my manager, team and the wider company.”

Jay Jay

“I absolutely cherish the flexibility that Janison provides, allowing my work to seamlessly integrate with my personal life. It’s wonderful to have that balance, even though at times, I feel like my family might be taking advantage of my flexible schedule.”

Eggy Eggy

Values, potential & growth

“The opportunities for professional development and the freedom to voice ideas and opinions have allowed me to flourish both personally and professionally. While certainly challenging at times, there are always new opportunities on the horizon with support provided.”

simon ellis-jones Simon

“I find myself evolving from being a specialised Customer Service Manager to a Hybrid Customer Support team member and that’s why I love working at Janison. Janison has given me the opportunity to challenge myself and grow. Excited about what the future holds at Janison.”

Liz Liz

Culture & people

“The workplace culture at Janison exudes positivity, and I consider myself incredibly fortunate to be a part of such a nurturing workplace”

Danni Danni

“The healthy and fun culture doesn’t lead to complacency; it actually enhances greater productivity as we all feels like we’re all pulling in the same direction.”

simon ellis-jones Simon

“Janison promotes collaboration, teamwork, and open communication among employees.
At Janison, we value and celebrate diversity, welcoming employees from various backgrounds and we also have regular social events to bring our team together and have fun.”

Yama Yama

“I love to work at Janison as it’s a great organisation that is great for career growth and at the same time the work-culture is amazing and teams are kind and supportive. I have always felt that Janison cares for you as an employee and always feel seen and heard. Fully flexible work culture adds to it.”


“I would describe Janison’s culture as inclusive, motivational and FUN! The social events that are organised is another aspect to get to know colleagues on a personal level while having some fun. The opportunity to grow and develop when I get moved into a manager role was supported through attending a leadership course and weekly check-ins with my manager. The introduction of the parental leave policy will be a huge support to me and my family as we welcome baby number 2 later this year. Fully-flex allowed me to go home to the UK to support my mum and her cancer journey.”

Jay Jay

“The people I work with are simply amazing; we’re like a quirky bunch that really clicks together. But what I adore the most is our team dynamic. We’re incredibly transparent, supportive, and genuine with one another. It’s a rare and beautiful bond that makes our work environment truly special. I feel fortunate to be part of such an awesome team!”

Eggy Eggy

“Enjoying my work with Janison has become a natural outcome as I am considered an integral part of a team where our differences are celebrated. Since day 1, I was welcomed into a very accepting environment which contributed to my daily motivation to excel in my role. The camaraderie and respect among us all just make work a very rewarding experience. “

Yasser Yasser

“I enjoy working in Janison as it is a place where I can utilise my expertise and fulfil my potential in educational assessment. In Janison, I always receive wonderful support from supervisors and colleagues. There are kinds of events and activities that bring people together as a family. I feel closely bonded with all my colleagues though I work remotely.”

Dayu Dayu

“It’s such an honour to be driving the culture at a company that is recognised as one of Australia’s best places to work (proud Culture Ambassador here!). When I joined the company three years ago, we made a promise to focus on our people’s wellbeing, formalise our culture initiatives and really promote inclusivity and a sense of belonging. I can say for sure, we don’t underestimate the importance of happy and engaged employees and are continuously working on improving and moving forward.”

sanne Sanne

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